Medium Egyptian Perfume Bottles – MPB06


Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles


Medium Egyptian Perfume Bottles, Legends describes ancient Egyptians as having crafted these unique bottles to “collect the tears” of those grieving the loss of a Pharaoh.

Dating back to 30 B.C., these bottles still grace Pharaoh’s tombs in the valley of the kings.

Today these functional perfume bottles may be filled with scented oils, bath fragrances, or just represent a beautiful addition to any cherished collections.

Egypt has a proud and continuing tradition of glass blowing. Every piece of this collection of perfume bottles is a mouth blown masterpiece: hand-etched, hand-painted, then kiln-fired, made of pure Pyrex glass, highlighted with 12KT gold, each piece is an incomparable, unique and one of a kind Gift.

: Length 4.5″,  Width 1.0″

Product Code: MPB06