Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles EGPB02


Egyptian hand-blown glass perfume bottles


Discover the allure of our enchanting collection of Egyptian glass perfume bottles, handcrafted with mouth-blown glass and adorned with vibrant colors.

Each of these exquisite bottles, with an approximate length of 6″, carries a rich historical significance, rooted in the legends of ancient Egyptians.

Dating back to 30 B.C., these same bottles continue to grace the tombs of Pharaohs in the iconic Valley of the Kings. Today, these versatile perfume bottles not only hold scented oils and fragrances for your bath but also serve as captivating additions to your cherished collection.

Egypt’s proud tradition of glass blowing is evident in every detail of this collection. Each perfume bottle is a true mouth-blown masterpiece, meticulously hand-etched and hand-painted, before undergoing kiln-firing. Crafted from pure Pyrex glass and adorned with elegant Egyptian gold accents, every piece stands as an unparalleled, unique, and thoughtful gift.

Embrace the beauty and tradition of Egypt with our remarkable collection of perfume bottles. Whether as a functional fragrance vessel or a treasured decorative piece, these bottles embody the spirit of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship, adding a touch of mystique to any setting. Make a statement with an incomparable and extraordinary gift – choose from our exceptional collection today.