Egyptian Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles décor of different sizes with the pump or even, with the air-pod cases have become utensils to decorate walls, tables and shelves. There are those that are filled with paper and other materials; embedded in other ornaments that can be made of wood or paper, or glued together to form figures.

But these bottles and ways to decorate the home are not for everyone. That is why at Bazaar in Egypt, we have authentic perfume bottles made of mouth-blown glass by expert artisans of oven-cooked Pyrex glass, that resist to falls and high temperatures and malleable each piece of art to give it really striking shapes, to paint using a wide variety of colours, including 18KT gold which gets the attention for their prestige, tradition and origin.

Like the lamps made of metal or blown glass, the perfume bottles for home décor are objects of great value, since they are made exclusively for this purpose, both indoors and outdoors and for a wide variety of cultural tradition class events and parties as weddings.

These are fine and sophisticated accessories that cannot be missing in your home, to surprise with handmade art and to recreate a genuine environment, worth preserving.

The perfume bottles for decoration imported directly from Egypt that we sell are not found anywhere else and are made especially by a dozen people who have committed themselves to create the best of handmade blown-glass for thousands of years.

You can fill these bottles with the scented oil of your choice to set your mood for the calm or good moments.

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