Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have available magnificent Pyrex glass-shapes handcrafted by experts who have been working with blown glass for more than 50 years, who put all their talent at the service of precious objects that enhance their beauty, designs that let the imagination fly, you cannot stop contemplating.

We want to present you with d├ęcor objects of the Egyptian tradition that can be in your home, giving it a totally different, inspiring, entertaining and pleasant environment; that impresses for its originality and dedication to good taste.

Find old world Christmas ornaments in small, medium and larger sizes (for outdoor) that match any environment and any kind of decoration, that combine well with any colour combination of the environment with wood, tablet, carpeting, other glass objects and even, with cardboard.

These Egyptian handmade Christmas ornaments make the tree shines on and sticks out for their colours; reflecting the lights of the tree giving greater luminosity, even with the other lights off.

Find out an exclusive collection of blown-glass Christmas ornaments with varied shapes and sizes. Add diversity to your holiday decor while the elegant tone of gold lends a glam touch to your tree and gives a polished look to your Christmas decoration. The hand-blown glass ornaments in various earth tones fill your tree with warmth and elegance.

Spend a 2021 Christmas season in the company of your family with the best of Christmas tree ornaments pieces on sale.

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