13 Unique Glass Christmas Ornaments Set


13 Unique glass Christmas ornaments

Some people say that variety is the key to taste and pleasure; and it is true. In the case of Christmas ornaments, the idea of having unique shapes, handmade or industrial, is to create a sense of variety that will amaze you with various figures you can find.

All the pieces in this set are handmade, carefully worked with the blown borosilicate glass technique (also called Pyrex), blowing through one end of the glass to create the desired figure.

Christmas ornaments without glitter are handmade painted in red, green, purple, white and 18 KT gold. Their convenient sizes of 4.5 × 2.5 inches are ideal for Christmas trees of various sizes and different paint colours for the walls.



13 Handmade blown glass Christmas ornaments for Xmas tree decorations.


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