9 Hand Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments Set


9 Handblown glass Christmas ornaments

There is nothing more attractive than decorating the environments with varied objects of the same kind that go with the environment and the decoration you already have.

The ornaments are made from blown glass and are worked and painted in several layers of acrylic painting in green, red and white colors with touches of 18 KT gold, the same that you find in fine pieces of jewelry.

Different figures bring the variety you are looking for buying this set of 9 handmade blown-glass Christmas ornaments both to hang on the branches of your green or white Christmas tree and to decorate any space you decide to give your personal touch to.

Become an interior designer who chooses sophistication over practicality, and stands out of professionals, or surprises your family and marvel at these jewels of Egyptian culture.

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9 Hand blown glass Christmas ornaments set


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