5 Christmas Animal Ornaments


5 Glass Christmas animal ornaments

At Bazaar in Egypt, we have selected the 5 most purchased Christmas animal ornaments shapes on our website that you can use both to hang on your Christmas tree or to decorate the environment you want, as a complement to Christmas ornaments that look like candy, houses or musical instruments.

Adornments made of blown glass are very versatile in terms of decoration, as they go well with all styles, Christmas tree sizes, colours and atmospheres.

This set is also ideal to garnish any furniture and surface you want, thanks to the fact that each figure has an eyelet on the upper part, as well as a lower part that makes it easy to support or leave them as the selected home d├ęcor.

Show off your set of 5 blown antique glass Christmas animal ornaments anywhere in the house, whether in the living room, your bedroom or even in the bathroom.

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5 Handmade blown glass Christmas animal ornaments for Xmas tree decorations.


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