Animal Shaped Perfume Bottles

Clearly, one of the industries that always stands out for its elaborate and elegant ornamentation design is glass.

With complex shapes, textures and a lot of creativity, these perfume bottles are irresistible to buy, as their designs are attractive and, in most cases, the exterior design predominates over the smell of the fragrances you can pour in.

In addition, buying glass bottles is a plus that will do you wearing ornaments that no one else finds anywhere. People always pay attention to the decoration of the places where they pass and the rooms where they have the opportunity to be. Doing this helps them feel comfortable and safe and psychologically plays an important role in being close to others.

These 5.5 inches length and 2.5 inches width perfume bottles are painted with a touch of 18KT truly gold which is the most striking feature and the one that gives it a touch of class and elegance so that your decoration is valuable.

Stunning handmade animal shaped glass perfume bottles blown glass with 18 KT gold paint are antiques the queens of ancient Egyptians Nefertiti and Cleopatra used thousands of years ago to maintain and handle precious scented oils.

These exquisite Egyptian hand-blown perfume bottles painted in red, green, white and gold were made in the same way as the glass products were made thousands of years ago.

Discover a variety of Egyptian perfume bottles styles and colours that reflect lights, making it a perfect gift for crafting or for putting your favourite oils or perfumes.

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