Hand Blown Glass Ornaments Home Decoration


15 Hand Blown Glass Ornaments Christmas Decorations Sale

Hand-blown glass ornaments are perfect for holiday decorating

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments Home Decoration
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It is possible to convert your house into a Christmas paradise without spending lots of money by using creative glass ornaments for Christmas decorations. Glass decorations are available for order.

This collection of hand-painted stained glass Christmas ornaments is ideal for a home with multiple bright and dark color schemes with various styles and finishes.

They are agile and adaptable characters that can fit into any environment. You won't be receiving an ornament kit for Christmas or any other occasion with your order because of the gold finishes that give each figure a purity mark.

Personalize the décor you chose to be a part of history.

Hand-blown glass ornaments blow them up

To make these ornaments, we need a blow torch (or heat gun), a bottle of glass blowing liquid, a blowpipe, a pair of safety goggles, and a blow mold.

Heating the glass with the blow torch until it's soft enough to shape. Then use the blowpipe to blow air into the glass.

As the air expands inside the glass, it pushes out the molten glass. Once the glass cools, we remove it from the mold and let it dry.

100% Handcrafted Glass Ornaments Decorations
  • Handmade, individually blown, hand-engraved, and hand-painted glass Christmas ornaments.
  • Pyrex glass, which is resistant to high temperatures and is not heavy for its size, is what you'll get in the form of a glass ornament.
  • Gold paint covers the entire set of glass decorations.
  • Glass ball ornaments provide a sophisticated and beautiful flair to any Christmas tree, and they're a great keepsake for your friends and family.
Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS156
Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS161
Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS323
Bell Large Christmas Ornaments

Bell Large Christmas Ornaments

Large Christmas Ornaments - LCO0022
Glass Christmas Ornaments
Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS326
Large Christmas Ornaments - LCO0006
Extra Large Christmas Ornaments - XLCO0008
Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS298
Glass Christmas Ornaments - CS376
Large Christmas Ornaments - LCO0007
Extra Large Christmas Ornaments - XLCO0006

15 Hand Blown Glass Ornaments
Get your Set for $239 (16% OFF)

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