Glass Christmas Balls


Mouth-Blown Glass Christmas Balls for Tree Decorations

Special handmade and mouth-blown glass Christmas balls for tree decorations

Glass Christmas Balls

These are pieces of tradition not only in American culture but around the world. The balls for the Christmas tree never go out of style, although people have begun to use bows, lights, among other ornaments to gang on it. Mouth-Blown Glass Christmas Balls for Tree Decorations

Have you ever used glass ornaments in your Christmas tree?

Many people keep the old tradition to hang balls on a Christmas tree and are always looking for something new.  Maybe, a great percentage of them using unique Christmas balls made from hand-blown glass for home decor.

First, we want to introduce you to the manufacture of professional glass Christmas balls, talking about their history, the properties of the special glass and the style of the glass adequate to make the ornaments.

1. History

What today are glass balls of a thousand colors, textures and designs, in ancient times were made of cotton. What is today's tinsel, at that time they were decorative objects aimed at ensuring the seasons’ cycles?

After the “dark” and “shorter” days of the year such as winter ones, the “brightest” will arrive, in which light gives life to nature, in reference to spring and summer.

The festival Saturnalia dedicated to Saturn, God of crops, which initially lasted one day and was generally celebrated in mid-December, became so deeply rooted in the Roman Empire that it happened to be celebrated for a whole week, from December 17 to 23 each year.

Glass Ornaments are around since the first decennium AC when glass makers discovered that silvering the within of the glass shapes creating beautiful forms aside to the charm.

Rather than merely clear glass ornaments, hand-painted Christmas accessories were obtainable, such as several vintage Christmas balls for sale.

The detail that went into these glass decorations was impressive almost like feeling as we tend to feel homesick around Christmas time usually.

2. Properties

Christmas tree balls are handmade products made and painted by hand in Egypt. The balls are made with the traditional technique of blown glass, and then it is painted and decorated by hand by artists.
All decorations are handmade; therefore each ball is different and exclusive.

All of these glass Christmas balls are, as their name indicates, spherical in shape and colored in red, green, silver, gold, purple and other colors.

Glass is an incredibly fragile material, so it might be unsuitable for ornamentation; however, its delicate nature adds to the allure the awakens in Christmas tree decorations.

One of the most beautiful things about glass is that reflects light, bringing luminosity to the environment; making the lights and other decorations a game perfectly intermixed with the rooms and contexts.
Clear blown glass Christmas balls allow the Christmas lights to shine through the decorations sparkle on the tree meaning the gifts of The Earth and lights that represent the Divine Light.

Several glass decorations are treated to reinforce the reflective and sparkling nature of the glass. It is often apparent after you think about Swarovski, to name a landmark or port crystal ornaments.

This is not only for mass marketing or making original and unique works as well, especially imitations of precious stones, but also Crystal Christmas ornaments replicating rainbows characterized by having a lightweight, a feature that makes them popular for the tree.

3. Variety

There are numerous styles of tableware Christmas ornaments that give a spread of fashion to decide. A good number of the designs embody crystal glass, plain glass, old world has blown glass and glass sculpture.

You can find out different ornaments created like balls, painted shapes, icicles, stars, angels, glass beads adapted produce decorations, and the list goes on.

Whatever form of a glass decoration you decide on, whether glitter, antique, mini, vintage, clear, large, coloured or custom glass Christmas; there’ll be an area for glass Christmas ornaments at home or in your assortment? How are glasses Christmas balls ornaments made?

The popularity of these decorations developed into the production of glass figures made of clay molds by highly qualified craftsmen. The craftsman heats the glass tube into the flame and inserts the tubes into the clay mold, blowing the heated glass expands into the shape of the desired image or shape.

Ideas for Decorating in Christmas with Glass balls

You are thinking about having a different Christmas season. What if you dress in your house as you have never done?

We’ll give you a simple idea. Take the glass balls out of the tree and carry them around the house. From door crowns, you can accompany with other accessories to glass ornaments to the dining room table.
A tree branch over a dinner table dressed for a party with red, green, purple and gold glass Christmas balls hanging at different heights it’s a good idea; but using some balls for an ornament for centerpiece it’s not enough.

Clear glass Christmas balls or those aged silver give the table a very magical atmosphere.

Another awesome idea is to get yourself a wreath of dry branches and thread small fir branches and balls into them. Using clear or colored glass Christmas balls will give it light and it will be much more elegant than if you mix traditional balls of different colors and textures only.

Did you know that made or buying a wooden box or a wooden star from different sizes can give your home a Christmas look if you fill it with blown glass balls from the Christmas tree? The brighter – or clearer – the more they stand out and the better it looks.

The base of your Christmas tree can be a little grisly, so disguising it with balls at your feet is a suitable solution. In this case, large glass Christmas balls, or from different sizes can help. But keep in mind use colors that combine between them to make the whole set much more harmonious.

An interesting decoration for your living room or dining room can be lanterns that you hardly use as lighting accessories.

Would you like to give them another life and fill them with handmade touch glass Christmas balls of different sizes and colors with a touch from ancient Egypt?

Apart from the balls, add details such as bows or fir twigs and place the lanterns in the entrance or in a corner of the rooms. 

Very simple, but very stylish!

Does the Christmas tree have any meaning?

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews worshiped trees that kept their green leaves all year long, as a symbol of eternal life.

In the Scandinavian countries, during the Middle Ages, pagan peoples who resisted Christianize decorated their houses with green-leaved trees at New Years, to protect them from demons.

That’s the history of why the tree becomes a symbol. In all traditions, it remains a symbol of the magic and spirituality of the Christmas holidays and the triangular shape of the trees represents the Holy Trinity.

Today evergreen firs or pines are often used as Christmas trees, keeping their branches green all year round. This symbolizes eternal life. In addition, these trees, by their shape, seem to point to the sky.

What is the standard size Christmas ornament?

The average decorative size used by residential users is between 3 and 4 inches, so Christmas Decorations results are based on an average decorative size of 3.5 inches.

What do the balls on the Christmas tree represent?

Perennial trees, of course, are symbols of eternal life and light. Apparently at first Saint-Boniface adorned the tree with apples, representing with them the temptations.

Today, it is customary to place balls or spheres, which symbolize the gifts of God to men (wisdom, understanding, science, advice, piety, strength, fear of God).

Each sphere represents a prayer; the color of them depends on your intention.

  • Red is for requests.
  • Blanks for thanks.
  • Blues of regret.
  • Gold of praise.
    There are different places that are exclusively dedicated to the artisan production of Christmas balls.

Why do we hang ornaments on the Christmas tree?

Germany began the tradition of Christmas trees, as we now know it in the 16th century AC when pious Christians brought decorative trees to their homes with lighted candles.

The most important is to decide by yourself what color schemes go best depending on the color of your tree.

Inexpensive Christmas trees, both natural and artificial, look best with primary colors like inexperienced, blue and red.

White Christmas trees look best with red, pink, gold or silver theme colors and any combination at the top.

Blue Christmas trees look best with gold or silver decorations, while red Christmas trees look friendly with glitter, gold or purple glass Christmas balls.

Glass Christmas tree decorations have become a favorite part of our Holiday tradition. We love to decorate our Christmas tree with many glass ball ornaments, especially giving it a special significance.

Are you looking for Glass Christmas Balls for Sale?

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We have a complete whole collection of Christmas ornaments that can purchase for your home or give as a precious gift to your family or friends.

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