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5 Hand-blown Glass Animal Ornaments

The most charming ANIMAL CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS at your home or garden for holiday

Glass Animal Ornaments Set
Get your Set for $79 (15% OFF)

Blown glass is the technique of making glass objects and ornaments by creating bubbles in molten glass. These bubbles are obtained by injecting air into a piece of material through a long metal tube in an artisanal way, blowing through the other end.

5 hand-blown glass animal ornaments

You are seeing here unique animal holiday ornaments that will transform your home into a Christmas or Event wonderland. If done the decoration correctly, you do not need to spend a fortune to turn into an exclusive place.

All you need is to think and plan the atmosphere, style décor, the colours and complement these figures finally.

Christmas tree ornaments as well as these animal ornaments are designed to suit contemporary and traditional tastes and can put your amazing celebration experience into the right atmosphere.

The set of decorative ornaments amazing collection comes straight from handmade designers such as bird, dog, elephant ornaments, and more adorable animal ornaments.

100% Handmade Glass Ornaments
  • These decorations are handmade, individually blown, hand-engraved and gold painted by a master who takes care of every detail of the figure.
  • Glass Christmas tree ornaments are made of heavy Pyrex glass (not to be confused with “soda” glass).
  • Each animal ornament is painted with 24 KT gold and is “burned” at least three times, resulting in permanent vivid colours and quality special gifts for your family home decoration.
Glass Animal Ornaments
Glass Christmas Ornaments
Glass Christmas Ornaments
Glass Christmas Ornaments
Glass Christmas Ornaments
Our Customers Say It Best !
“I started looking for innovation in Christmas decorations that surprised me, cause using Christmas balls, bows, wooden ornaments and the same as always, began to bore me too much.

Since I found Bazaar in Egypt, I have been delighted with these blown glass decorations for my Christmas tree. They give it a different touch, look beautiful and are very cheap.”

5 hand-blown animal glass ornaments
Get your Set for $79 (15% OFF)

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