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The Blown glass Christmas ornaments for tree decoration

Make your Christmas tree unique by adding the best crafting blown glass Christmas ornaments and enjoy a fun holiday 2023

Blown glass Christmas ornaments

Blown glass decorations for Christmas are a tradition in many countries around the world, even though trade is soggy with industrially produced decorations made of assorted materials.

In the next lines, you could find some interesting facts about hand-blown glass ornaments, their history, the best crafting elaboration technique, and the individual characteristics that make them ideal for this holiday season.

History of Blown Glass

The glass was used since ancient times by artificers in the making of beads for necklaces and bracelets, eyes for statues, images and amulets, small plates for decoration of furniture, imitations of fine stones (with great similarity) and in vessels and small statues.

The origin of these ornaments can go back beyond the VII century BC, such as those kept in the British Museum of Phoenician.

The most amusing, from the same period (filigree, carved and with fine figurative reliefs) are found in several museums in Egypt. With the Greek domination of the Ptolemies, the perfection of Egyptian glass continued to increase, with Alexandria being the most famous and preferred producing center of Greek and Roman trade.

Mouth Blown Glass

Blown glass is the technique of making glass objects by creating bubbles in the molten glass. These bubbles are injected with air into a piece of material, generally, the base thanks to a long metal tube using a special machine or by hand, blowing through the other end. It is a system similar to the one used to make soap bubbles.
Then, the craftsman takes a small amount of pasta that put into a cane that is usually between one meter and one meter forty-five in length. Through this, he begins to blow to give the object the desired shape, so that way the object never loses the malleability produced by the heat of the oven.
In this phase, he can use some moulds that accelerate the blowing process by doing it directly in it. Some figures need this step.
Once this modelling process is finished, the blown glass object is placed in the annealing furnace where it continues firing gradually at lower temperatures to avoid cracking or breakage due to sudden changes in temperature.
The main type of glass currently used for the blowing technique is the borosilicate glass.

The Borosilicate Glass

Commonly known by the trademark “Pyrex”, this glass is used to make pipes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry, laboratory instruments, such as test tubes and flasks, and neon tubes in advertising signs.
It is the most resistant type of glass to make decorations, with the amazing properties of having very good chemical resistance to water, acids (less hot hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid), salt solutions and organic solvents. It also resists high temperatures without deforming, making it above 550°C.

This artisan technique uses tools such as butane or propane and oxygen gas machines, tongs, tweezers, blow rubber, lathes, cutting machines and glass tempering furnaces. The variety of the glasses’ colors is obtained from pre-colored Pyrex glass (ex-factory).

To be able to make a craft with this technique, it is necessary to melt the Pyrex glass until it reaches about 2000°C, with which it can be freely moulded.

To shape the interior volume, a metal tube is often used to pierce the glass, being inflated by the lung. At this stage, the craftsman has to calibrate the necessary air according to the diameter of the bubble or each shape he wants to make. When the pieces are very large, the lungs are supplied with the help of a compressor.

After each piece is finished, place the desired application, it is passed to a tempering furnace to reduce the temperature little by little, gripping special characteristics (according to the tempering method) such as hardness and toughness.

What if you want to Decor the Christmas tree?

Blown glass ornaments for Christmas tree will always fuel up the festive spirit and brings in the joy and love that completes the season. The Christmas tree is like any other tree without the ornaments.

Lights and white, silver and gold glitters are some of the things that make the tree the perfect symbol. You could make your Christmas tree memorable and talk to it with your neighbors better if you were outstanding with the help of blown glass Christmas ornaments.

In Bazaar in Egypt, we have the best-blown glass Christmas ornaments to satisfy your needs this season. There are hundreds of reasons why our hand-blown glass ornaments stand out, but here are a few things you need to know about those art pieces.

The fact that some of these blown glasses Christmas tree ornaments are handmade makes them unique and valuable collection shapes.

Did we tell you that some of these shapes are been handpicked from the best Egyptian designers only for us?
But those blown glass Christmas ornaments will only make sense if you have a handcrafted Christmas tree to your expectations. So, making use of these ornaments is always welcome.

It is not easy to find this type of ornament that lasts longer. For this reason, Bazaar in Egypt assures you crafted shapes from high-quality Pyrex glass.

Something striking for lots of people, especially if are parents, is the fact to take their kids to a tradition that has endured for years, passing on the Christmas spirit to the next generation. You see, it is not only having a fun time or feeling good during a couple of days, so it is a legacy that will remain throughout your life, passing this tradition on to their children as well, enduring over time.

The Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments: Handmade or Factory-made?

The best Christmas trees don’t just grow naturally. They are grown, pruned, shaped and watered, and the same applies to glass Christmas ornaments.

Artisans burn the midnight oil to ensure their talents are expressed through the ornaments. Painters on the other hand, also ensure they give the ornaments the best touch ever, that’s why blown glass Christmas ornaments can be the only things that stick out on a Christmas tree.

Now, you understand why glass Christmas ornaments are different from the usual. 

Create your tradition and buy a mix of blown glass ornament styles put your creativity to test.

These glass blowing Christmas ornaments can be used with any other ornament you want, be it bows, balls, stars, or even cookies (yes, some people hang sugar-filled Christmas cookies on the Christmas tree).

The old world has blown-glass Christmas ornaments

Handmade in millenary tradition using techniques that originated in the 1800s, Molten colorless and very transparent glass is hand-blown in moulds made exclusively for Old World Christmas carving.

Ornaments are all hand-painted and glitter in a series of painstaking steps to achieve the precious creations and traditionally designed, hand decorations.

Old World Christmas offers the broadest and most sought-after collection with over 1,400 proprietary designs with wonderful details and quality craftsmanship, appears to be made in the USA, creative and playful designed!

These are great symbols to remind!

Blown glass Christmas Ornaments Sets

All glass ornaments are hand-painted and sparkle in a series of labour-intensive steps to achieve beautiful creations.

There’s a reason blown glass pieces are more highly valued as ornaments than other decorations, and it’s because of their emotional and cultural value.

Having something in our hands that represents the tradition of culture makes it more precious and, therefore, we connect better with the objects we have in front of us.

Another reason to have a set of blown glass ornaments is for anesthetics. Let us explain to you why.
To decorate a Christmas tree, it is necessary to evenly cover its entire height with the right details in the correct amounts.

Christmas trees are usually taller than 3.28 feet, some a little longer. You have to ensure there are decorations of the same kind both above and below.

Receive lovingly handmade glass blown Christmas ornaments sets for your Christmas tree or special gifts for your loved ones are an incredible inversion that time ensures you have Christmas decorations that will never go out of style.

The designs of the Christmas ornaments made 100% by hand and in blown glass, train spectacular designs that resemble desert animals, palm trees and Christmas symbols that include hand-painted in 24K gold. Have you ever imagined having real pure gold for your Christmas tree?

In Bazaar in Egypt, we specialize in blown glass art crafts over 17 years, with good quality and short delivery time. We’ve had acquired rich experience in wholesale and shipment the best mouth-blown glass Christmas ornaments all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and many other countries.

Now we have almost a thousand clients, and the products have been sold to people that like to enjoy a time that brings the best of mankind in a celebration.

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