Glass Ornaments for Christmas Decorations

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Egyptian Glass ornaments for Christmas decoration ideas

Everyone loves to decorate their homes for Christmas

Whether you are looking for Christmas decorations new ideas or having a different atmosphere at home, these handmade glass ornaments will make you feel good


Today, millions of glass Christmas balls and other decorations are made and sold around the world. The problem is you can find the same designs as always: shiny, matte and shiny balls, or even with motifs related to hobbies, which limit the possibility of experiencing experiences close to Middle Eastern culture.

If you are part of this select group of people who look for Christmas tree ornaments decorations that impact their elegance, detail in their manufacture and quality, in addition to making your garden or home interior a different environment; no doubt these sets of pieces are perfect for you.

Variety of Glass Ornaments

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Glass Christmas Ornaments 2023

13 Handmade Glass ornaments for Christmas decorations

Find out exclusive Christmas decorations and transform your home into a Christmas paradise.

These 13 hand-blown ornaments for Christmas decorations are designed to suit sophisticated and contemporary tastes, so you can remodel your home with amazing season experience.

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9 Glass Christmas ornaments for 2023 

Glass indoor and outdoor ornaments can turn your home into a realistic Christmas Middle-East environment; so that you and your family will bring to mind and experience the culture in every room you choose, feeling every moment like you are part of the history.

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Glass Christmas Ornaments
Glass Animal Ornaments

5 Animal ornaments for House decoration

If you love animals, you might have clear blown-glass animal ornaments at home as your best selection. The color and figures’ sizes are intended not only for collectors but for people who appreciate delicate art glass items with the best offer price.

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Hand Blown Glass Ornaments for Home Decoration

15 Mouth Blown Glass Ornaments For Home Decorations

All the pieces in this set are handmade and carefully worked with the blown borosilicate glass technique (also called Pyrex), blowing through one end of the glass to create the desired figure. They’re perfect for gift-giving and decorating your home this holiday season!

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I was looking for different decorations for my house and I found Bazaar Egypt. After ordering the 9 handmade glass ornaments for Christmas decor, I feel really good to have received excellent quality handmade products.

These ornaments are perfect for any season and give a touch of distinction to my home. They are so cute, I am really impressed with the details and colors of each piece of art.

When I am with my family indoor, it is like visiting someone else's house. When visitors come, there is always something to talk about.

I look forward to dealing with you again, this time to buy glass decor for my office.

Carol Ivanic

Mountain View, CA - USA

Hand-Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments


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